Linda Locura Jewellery

authentic, colourful, experimental, harmonic, unique


“Home”. That´s right. That´s where it has started. More than a decade ago. Walking in the fields with Meggy, my loyal steady companion. A very influential being in my life, I´d say. Together we explored the close-by forests and hills where treasures such as tiny empty snail shells were waiting for us. Once they were collected and cleaned from soil, they turned into these first little objects:

Over the years I was learning by doing and figured out what thread to use for what and which tools and materials work better than others. So I am an autodidact in jewellery creation but can look back on over 10 years of experience by now.

For a short period I was also doing jewellery on demand but discovered that this is not necessarily what I feel most comfortable with, depending on the order. Not because I could not deliver the wished product but more because I could not identify with it anymore. And one thing I would like to stand for: BEING AUTHENTIC.

I do not ask anything else apart from that from you. BE WHO YOU ARE. Long live diversity.

And “home”? – Right now it happens to be Phoenix, Arizona.